Saturday, October 18, 2014

UKDominantPrincess / Kevin Cissell - unprofessional imbecile(s)
At approximately 3:45am PST this morning, I received an email from pretending to be a third person, slinging insults and attempting to phish up paypal information that hasn't existed in years to supposedly make a payment on behalf of an ex-client. It appears that the infamously moronic and widely amateur-gimme-gimme-girl posted Kevin has decided to pretend to be an amateur gimme gimme girl himself, and has either been given or established the email to collect and distribute paypal terms of service violating adult transaction payments fraudulently. He seems to be trolling for information to attempt to blackmail and uncover genuine information of all varieties of Dominatrix, which he shares on various tumblr and twitter accounts and uses amateur googling techniques to acquire further information to extort slaves and dominatrixes alike.

Twitter mentioned: @DannielPalmer
Tumblr mentioned:

(however all four posts between the two Mr. Cissell has removed upon My discovery, however these are screenshotted and documented in My newly created Kevin Cissell Lawsuit File.)


"(Header IP Info:)Received-SPF: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
from: UKDominantPrincess
date: Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 3:45 AM
subject: Which Email address to use for your PayPal?
Kevin Cissell here ready to send $50.00 via PayPal to be Exposed & Blackmailed in CamHoreKitten style!!!!
Which email does my CamHo instruct me to use?
(common KC gross fetish photo)
Craving to start ASAP!!!!
(copyright Persephone Ent LLC photo of Myself)

"Firstly, if you're going to sling insults towards strangers, i'd suggest with starting by learning how to spell 'hore', all you've done is appear to be an imbecile.

Secondly, actual professional Dominatrixes with any sense or knowledge of the industry never use paypal, as it's a violation of their terms of service. They're ruthless and unregulated by the banking industry, therefore answer to no one and keep money indiscriminately, ripping off thousands of adult stars every year.

Thirdly, My services are far more expensive than that, and Kevin's got history with Me and is nothing but a timewaster that has no interest in following, simply prodding inexperienced gimme-gimme-girls that don't understand what it means to lead followers to a better place in their lives, because he has no interest in keeping his promises or doing anything except whatever his penis and mental problems ask of him.

Fourthly, don't involve others in your personal fetish interactions unless they've invited you to do so. You just appear to be a puppet for someone you're pretending to have control over. I've got too much history in the industry and reputation to do business with either of you who'd handle business this way.

Persephone Ent LLC"


"This is Kevin Cissell Miss ********** (last name of a roommate's old paypal he'd paid).
I have paid with PayPal many times in past. As matter of fact that is how you got my blackmail info the 1st time.... :| I will PayPal you $100 ASAP to get the exposure blackmail fucking i need from you started ********** (first name of a roommate's old paypal he'd paid years ago).
May i please have your PP email CamGoddess?
(Five more commonly found KC blackmail fetish photos attached)"

"No, and between this and the tumblr and twitter harassment posts, these have all been forwarded to My lawyer, where both you and any and all IP addresses that have ever logged into any of the three accounts will be pursued for defamation of character, copyright infringement for stolen photos, trademark infringement of the name 'CamGirlKitten', libel & slander.

There is no amount of money I'd ever accept from you for anything at all. You will never receive anything from Me in any fashion. If you wish to give Me your money for nothing, the only way that'll happen is with a secure, professional payment source, such as tribute button or (trademarked green "spot" card refill pack)."

- CamGirlKitten
Persephone Ent LLC

"i deleted tumblr & twitter posts Miss Kitten. Presently i can only use PayPal, sorry...."

RESPONSE THREE: "Deleted or otherwise, all of these items were already reported, documented with screenshots, and are already sitting in my lawyer's email box.
Why the fuck would I do any favors for an idiot that goes around phishing for My information and publicly making claims that I'm a prostitute? Take your mental health problems elsewhere, and start saving all the money you're stealing from other slaves and dominatrixes, you're going to need it to cover your legal fees when We put a lien on your house.

Persephone Ent LLC"


"I am sorry Miss Kitten. I hope that you somehow can forgive me."

"You've broken around six laws tonight and attempted to shame and ruin Me via my exroommates daughter's name. You didn't even have enough intelligence to retrieve MY information, you just ripped the name off an old paypal account without it having ever occurred to you that I'd never use My own in such a public forum then posted it and a lot of clearly fake information about the one service I have refused TENS OF THOUSANDS of offers for for THIRTEEN YEARS as being something I publicly do. Do you have any idea how much of My day I already have to spend explaining to people that just because I'm a fetish model doesn't mean I'd ever fuck them? Bullshit like your prostitution slander are exactly what makes that shit worse, as if I didn't have enough problems with angry dominatrix enemies that steal my shit and plaster it on backpage and craigslist. I'm really over self-centered shitty faux slaves that think that servitude is to their penis and not to giving themselves fully over to the positive decisions of another person that really wants to see them benefit and progress forward.

You are the worst type of human being that there could possibly be, and every ounce of these insecurities of yours of that realization gets reflected to the internet by lashing out and making selfish demands of strangers because you don't know what else to do with yourself that'll result in you being given any attention at all.

You will never be anything but a silent gift slave ever again no matter what, and I will literally never say another word to you ever again. No purchase, email, payment or scheme will ever convince Me to acknowledge your existence again. Additionally, if I ever see another twitter post, tumblr post, chaturbate stillshot, or anything else along those lines with similar wording or content pushing towards the shaming or personal information sharing of ANY dominatrix or female adult worker ever again (including those currently posted and especially directed at Me), I will immediately without hesitation forward this entire file from My lawyer's office to the Ashburn & Sterling Virginia police department and my friends at the FBI.

What I'm doing is catering to the very select few clients I get that SEEK OUT this service and doing ONLY what's agreed upon within the terms of the website releases they've established they've been to. What you're doing is a series of felonies, and the most morally outrageous thing I've ever seen any client ever have done, and I'm sure I only know half or less of the terrible things you've posted about Me or manipulated others into posting about Me.

I would further wish you something mean and hateful, but I've already seen the emptiness, loneliness, selfishness & social poverty your life is solely comprised of. You've ruined enough of your life that my disgusted comments will have no effect because you cannot shame someone who's already on rock bottom.

Persephone Ent LLC

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