Friday, July 1, 2011

A new pansy added to the list - -

Last Convo:
"shimonrty: hello hun
CamGirlKitten: hi
shimonrty: hi sexy
shimonrty: hi slave
CamGirlKitten: lol! You must be touched in the head, kiddo.

Today's Convo:
"shimonrty: hi sexy
CamGirlKitten: hey
CamGirlKitten: what now, boy that foolishly thinks i'm a slave?
shimonrty: u do anal, bitch?
CamGirlKitten: You're on ignore and posted at now. bye fag."

His details:
Age- 36, Location- NY, Weight: 187 lbs., Height: 5'7"

This guy also has been trying to scam camgirls out of shows for YEARS. Check this shit out...

1 comment:

  1. I got scammed by him, I got anew username for you, nate_jamiee, he contacted me as Ashlee, i told him he scammed me and is now trying to play like he ws the victim he's good.