Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Rule: Latex Cock Sleeves Required!

New rule! No in person Domination or fetish sessions unless you're wearing one of these awesome latex cocksleeves.
Latex Cock Sleeve - $16.49

No, a condom will not do. Yuck. I want your little worthless hunk of manmeat protected for my safety. I want nothing to do with it! No, I don't care if it's this specific brand, but this is a pretty good deal for under $20 shipped.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HOMEWORK, piggies! Go read this fantastic article, specifying the ways in which your sad little ass can mistakenly insult Me! Your Homework
New tribute button build right into anonymous clips4sale. Money piggies have a fantastic new way to shower Me with goodies without getting busted -
Just head over to My Clips4Sale page then hit the 'Tribute' button and select the amount.

Assume that you should cough up about $10 for every time you've cum thinking of Me or to My content.

Happy draining!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Tim Nanox - blackmail bitchout!

Another blackmail bitchout!

This user contacted Me solely for blackmail, then once he paid the deposit and saw how thorough and ruining My application was, he decided he was 'uninterested' in it, and wanted other services! As if I'd waste My time with someone incapable of following through with what THEY buy!

Name: Tim Nanox
Email 1:
Email 2:
Claimed Address: Haral wachter (City-U), Webermuehle 33, 5432 neuenhof, switzerland

I'd skiptrace him, but he's not worth the trouble.

Full Conversation:

10:38:22 AM - x.flex:    hello mistress
x.flex:    i would like to apply for blackmail slave position mistress
CamGirlKitten:    Ok. there's a full FAQ about that here:
x.flex:    very motivating mistress, how do i buy the application?
CamGirlKitten:    Credit card, payoneer, amazon gc
or if you're within the US Greendot
(( Payment Information ))
x.flex:    i am located in switzerland that ok..'
CamGirlKitten:    that's fine.
x.flex:    now working on paying..will get back to u..
CamGirlKitten:    kk
x.flex:    sent mistress
CamGirlKitten:    kk, checking
Received, however there's no address attached. This a new account?
x.flex:    shipping address Haral wachter (City-U), Webermuehle 33, 5432 neuenhof, switzerland
CamGirlKitten:    ((Application Link)) is your application. Bookmark it in case you need to return to it after gathering information.
The form will not submit if you do not input the proper information in the forms with red asterisks.
x.flex:    k
CamGirlKitten:    If there is no asterisk next to the info, it's not required, but should be filled out if it's applicable to you.
x.flex:    k
how can i get relieved from the contract mistress
CamGirlKitten:    that was covered in the FAQ.
On the application, you select a payout amount that works for you from a selection of options
alternatively, if you decide you're too scared to fill it out, you pay a $150 buyout and we're considered even.
and you're applicable to fill it out at a later date for another application fee anytime you decide you're brave enough.
x.flex:    how will you find ot my real info mistress if i dont pay buy out
CamGirlKitten:    I have My ways.
besides, it's just you wasting your own money, since you're the one that payed for it. lol
x.flex:    i will fill it at a later date mistress
CamGirlKitten:    That's fine. I prefer 48 hours, but allow up to 7 days so that you can gather all the relevant data, files, etc.
x.flex:    are u available in niteflirt mistreaa
CamGirlKitten:    i will be in about an hour, after lunch.
x.flex:    apart from blackmail, can i apply for a online loan to you mistress? like paying back in installments? legally binding? through online banking or something like that
CamGirlKitten:    Not sure what you mean.
you're welcome to enter into a financial domination agreement, which would involve you making regular payments at set amounts on certain dates
x.flex:    imean like a promissary note or debt contract..
CamGirlKitten:    yes, that's my financial domination agreement
however until you've completed your current agreement, you're not applicable for any others.
x.flex:    niteflrt
CamGirlKitten:    bout 15min left til I'm avail on NF
x.flex:    flirt ID
CamGirlKitten:    I just don't feel like doing it yet. Maybe once you've completed your application I'll change My mind.
x.flex:    im not interested in application
CamGirlKitten:    Then you're going to have to pay the cancellation fee of $150, or you'll never have the opportunity to serve Me in any fashion ever again, and your information will be permanently listed for having purchased this agreement and not gone through with it.
x.flex:    i will find another mistress
CamGirlKitten:    Not likely. lol
No other mistress is going to waste their time with someone that only bothers to pay application fees and is incapable of following basic orders they requested to have to follow.
3:15:48 PM - x.flex:    thats ok

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blackmail bitchout

Another blackmail bitchout. Inquires but never pays, even just for the application fee.

Yahoo - slaveboynosex
email -
Name listed on payment acct - "Kai Wolf"

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo Book

Start your own Shutterfly Photo Book today.
My first edition autographed numbered copy of My new photobook Succubus has been sold, however copies 2 through 10 (all numbered and autographed) is now available for sale. I'll be autographing, giving away free stickers, & numbering each copy. The book is an 8x11 hardcover coffee table book, complete with 20 color pages containing almost 50 of my very best photos.

NO FURTHER COPIES OF THIS PAST 10 WILL EVER BE MADE, and all buyers get a discount on future photobook editions!

***THE FIRST 9 PEOPLE to send their payment in get the books, all others are refunded and lose their chance!***

To place your order via paypal, gr33nd0t, credit card, payoneer and others, simply EMAIL ME with the subject "Succubus Photobook", or send a $100 amazon gift card to :)

Alternatively, you can use ITokens below:

Or simply pay with tokens on MyFreeCams by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[14:27] shahzad_tariq: I'm from Network! Hey!
[13:20] shahzad_tariq: Hi
[16:41] shahzad_tariq: Hi
[16:41] shahzad_tariq: How are u
[16:41] CamGirlKitten: hi
[16:41] CamGirlKitten: im ok
[16:42] shahzad_tariq: Are you free
[16:42] CamGirlKitten: No but I'm available for paid shows ;)
[16:42] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[16:42] shahzad_tariq: I know nothing gets free
(remember this phrase, it'll be funny later folks)
[16:43] shahzad_tariq: :)
[16:43] shahzad_tariq: You there
[16:44] CamGirlKitten: Yep
[16:44] CamGirlKitten: So what did you have in mind today?
[16:45] shahzad_tariq: I have always you in ma mind
[16:46] shahzad_tariq: Whats your paypal
[16:46] CamGirlKitten: You contacted Me via the camwealth network and are exclusively and permanently restricted to payment through them.
[16:46] CamGirlKitten: Also, paypal is not adult friendly, nor taken by reputable adult models.
[16:47] shahzad_tariq: I can pay you personally S well
[16:47] CamGirlKitten: My answer doesn't change, and hasn't in 10 years.
[16:47] shahzad_tariq: Alright but i can put personals in it
[16:48] CamGirlKitten: Doesn't matter. Paypal is guilty-until-proven-innocent. They don't care what you put as the reason for the payment, if you're so much as even reported for adult transactions, they shut you down, keep your cash, and ask questions later.
[16:48] shahzad_tariq: Ahan
[16:49] shahzad_tariq: Can i see you 1st
[16:54] shahzad_tariq: Yu dre
[16:54] CamGirlKitten: Not on camera just on profile photos or when you submit a $5 payment for a clothed preview.
[16:54] shahzad_tariq: Wtf
[16:55] shahzad_tariq: Jst want to see 2 mins
[16:55] CamGirlKitten: Sorry dear, 2min would cost you $4.
[16:55] shahzad_tariq: If i like i will book a session
[16:55] CamGirlKitten: That's what profile photos are for my dear.
[16:55] shahzad_tariq: Send me link
[16:56] CamGirlKitten:
[16:56] shahzad_tariq: I never seen this fuck before
[16:57] shahzad_tariq: Cant see your fuckin pics on profile
[17:01] CamGirlKitten: Why, are you blind? lol
[17:02] CamGirlKitten: You were already linked to the profile of which you originally messaged Me from, there's 8 photos on profile, and you can view bigger versions simply by right clicking and 'view image'
[17:02] CamGirlKitten: or 'open image in new tab' depending on your browser
[17:03] shahzad_tariq: I did
[17:03] shahzad_tariq: But couldnt findout any thing overe there
[17:03] CamGirlKitten: K, then i'm sure you've seen plenty and are dying to get a private show. lol
[17:03] shahzad_tariq: Why you are not coming on cam
[17:03] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[17:03] CamGirlKitten: Because you haven't paid me, and I only offer paid shows or previews, champ.
[17:04] shahzad_tariq: Atleast you should give free session for 1 mins i can show off mine dick as well in free lol
[17:04] shahzad_tariq: For a min promise wont charge you a single penny lol
[17:05] CamGirlKitten: I don't cam2cam for free, you msg'd a model on a PAID SITE, and My time is valuable ($2/min+ to be precise).
[17:05] shahzad_tariq: Do you want to see
[17:05] CamGirlKitten: Yours is free, because there's plenty of idiot men with webcams willing to show off for free.
[17:05] CamGirlKitten: and I'm completely uninterested.
[17:05] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[17:05] CamGirlKitten: there's dozens of free cam sites, go peruse those, not pay girls hun.
[17:06] shahzad_tariq: Alright i am agree with you because you are daughter of prostititude and yu just fucked for money
[17:06] CamGirlKitten: and be sure to get back to me once you've given up on getting girls to follow your rude demands that they refuse to take when you're not paying. lol
[17:06] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[17:06] CamGirlKitten: Firstly, that would offend me if I valued your opinion.
[17:06] shahzad_tariq: Na its nt like dat
[17:07] CamGirlKitten: Secondly, I don't fuck anyone on camera, just private play on webcam.
[17:07] shahzad_tariq: You love get with money
[17:07] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[17:07] shahzad_tariq: Its the same thingy hun
[17:07] shahzad_tariq: Either you fucked or show a play on webcam
[17:08] CamGirlKitten: I love money anyway. Anyhow, this conversation's not only being posted on twitter and My blog, but sent to My other CamGirlsFTW girls. Good luck champ. I'm sorry your penis is so tiny that you think harassing and insulting paid camgirls will somehow get you free cam time.
[17:08] CamGirlKitten: No one gives a shit whether you get off or not, and if you're not buying the product the girls are selling, you shouldn't bother messaging them. Period. End of story.
[17:08] CamGirlKitten: Buh bye!

Monday, May 28, 2012 is a pitiful loser that harasses all of the CamGirlsFTW / Camwealth girls and begs them to take paypal for domination shows. Obviously this isn't allowed, and would instantly get the girls fired, so his own selfishness and lazy refusal to go get a prepaid credit card like a normal human being has proved his inability to give a damn about anyone but himself, thus making him a useless slave.

If he harasses you, don't bother. Clearly submissives are worthless if they're unwilling to think about anything but their own desires and the quickest path to get that.

Real Name: Michael Mallory

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Paddle Puker free sample video

I know you DREAM of the day that this is you, however for now you'll have to live with simply showering Me with gifts from My Amazon Wish Lists until that day. Be sure to show your eternal gratitude on My wish list or by purchasing the full length Paddle Puker video, including the flogging section on My Clips4Sale Page.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ZF Empty Threats

**ZF acct paid in full and closed**

Matei_vd88 - Scammer Of The Day

This miserable fuckhead has messaged Me a few times whining about wanting to send Me his government ID for blackmail, but always skips around paying and never wants to discuss that or respond to those direct questions. Eventually out of the blue one day he acts like he's paying right off the bat, and of course it's nothing but a timewasting scam. He's not even very good at this, but obviously well prepared for such. I mean come on, what normal slaveboy has 20+ screennames handy at the drop of a hat. The only google info that came up on these screennames were in regards to him trying to scam Meggerz with fake Amazon orders, so I already knew what to expect from this chump the first day he messaged Me.

5/1/12 Conversation with Matei_vd88
matei_vd88: are u there ?
CamGirlKitten: Yes.
matei_vd88: which is your amazon mail
matei_vd88: after that will u destroy me ?
CamGirlKitten: Yes, once you've paid.
matei_vd88: done
CamGirlKitten: K, I'll msg. you when it arrives.
Be a good boy with your hands folded in your lap without touching yourself or anything else until I've responded.
you realize that I cannot use this and live in AMERICA, right?
matei_vd88: don't know, i sent before in us
in this way
CamGirlKitten: certificates aren't usually transferable to US. let me try anyway.
matei_vd88: i don't have money anymore
CamGirlKitten: I just got the confirmation email. Once the code itself arrives hopefully itll allow Me to add it.
matei_vd88: do you also put infos on youtube ?
CamGirlKitten: Do as instructed until arrival then W/we'll discuss it.
matei_vd88: :(
CamGirlKitten: Once it's arrived sure.
Do not question My orders.
matei_vd88: even racial humiliation ?
CamGirlKitten: yep.
matei_vd88: but if im white
CamGirlKitten: lol then no
matei_vd88: only with black
CamGirlKitten: other races then myself, that's how racial humiliation works.
I will no longer respond until the GC has arrived. You're welcome to check your account for when it says "sent"
itll be under statuses of order.
matei_vd88: i sent you 180
CamGirlKitten: Yes, and I haven't received it yet.
matei_vd88: do you want my gov id ?
CamGirlKitten: All I got was a standard email from amazon
that just means that YOU bought a 180 gc, not that you sent it to Me.
You also could have cancelled lol
Next sentence will result in you being banned for non-compliance of Dommes orders, unless I've given you permission and the money has actively arrived.
you're already all over the web for faking this shit, kid.
I've been a domme for 10 years, and I'm not some newb moron.
matei_vd88: ?
first: im not a kid, second it's nothing fake
CamGirlKitten: that'll count as a sentence. Banned permanently. If money shows up, I'll unblock you then give you your punishment for refusal to follow orders. Bye!



[14:56] me_home135: why did you ban me ?
[14:56] me_home135: do you think it's fair from you
[14:56] me_home135: I PAID U
[14:56] CamGirlKitten: I informed you in advance of why I would ban you, and you ignored My specific instructions to keep your hands in your lap folded until the money arrived.
[14:56] me_home135: and this is your reward
[14:57] CamGirlKitten: And you haven't paid Me, check your account, it'll say unsent
[14:57] CamGirlKitten: IF you even really sent anything at all
[14:57] CamGirlKitten: an order confirmation email isn't a payment, a GIFT CODE I CAN ENTER INTO MY ACCOUNT IS.
me_home135 is trying to send you "Scan Law.JPG"
You have received Scan Law.JPG.
[14:58] me_home135: do u like me ?
[14:58] CamGirlKitten: No, not until I've received My money.
[14:58] me_home135: i hope you won't post it
[14:59] CamGirlKitten: Blocked and all provable reported, you're not eligible for buyoff as you've attempted to scam a domme. Bye faker.
[14:59] me_home135: lol
[14:59] me_home135: im not a faker
[14:59] CamGirlKitten: K, then where's My gift card?
[14:59] me_home135: I paid u..i don't know
[15:00] me_home135: :|
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: Okay, so log into your amazon acct, check under "my orders"
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: what's the status say?
[15:00] me_home135: if i would wanted to be fake, i could sent you earlier...
[15:00] me_home135: when i got your id
(((Assume he meant yahoo ID))) [15:00] me_home135: last month
[15:00] me_home135: redeemed
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: lol
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: yeah right.
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: You never sent Me anything, so there's nothing to be redeemed kid.
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: Now I know you're lying, thanks.
[15:01] CamGirlKitten: You could have at least dragged this on by pretending it hadn't been sent yet lol
[15:01] me_home135: im not pretending anything
[15:01] me_home135: ;)
[15:01] CamGirlKitten: but telling Me it's redeemed means you sent it to yourself or someone else then just sent Me the confirmation email.
[15:01] CamGirlKitten: thanks for proving you're a scammer, saves Me a lot of time champ.



[15:02] me_home149: im not even a scammer
[15:02] CamGirlKitten: then why's a card you never sent Me redeemed?
[15:02] me_home149: i don't know...
[15:02] CamGirlKitten: and why would you have this many screennames if you werent lol
[15:02] me_home149: :|
[15:02] CamGirlKitten: clearly people block you and this is how you handle it.
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: All this is irrelivant. I gave you flat out specific word for word orders and you disobeyed them.
[15:03] me_home149: no...
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: That within itself is grouds for permanent banning and termination.
[15:03] me_home149: I waited
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: And kept talking. lol
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: that means your hands were not in your lap, and you were not silent as instructed until arrival of the GC.
[15:03] me_home149: what will you do with my gov id ?
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: Delete it because its not really yours.
[15:03] me_home149: it's mine
[15:03] me_home149: :))
[15:03] me_home149: lol
[15:04] CamGirlKitten: Sure champ.
[15:04] me_home149: but better delete it
[15:04] me_home149: it seems you're not so clever
[15:04] me_home149: in some aspects
[15:04] me_home149: a domme with 10 yrs of experience...
[15:05] CamGirlKitten: How do you figure? lol
[15:05] CamGirlKitten: I've busted your little ruise and refuse to play by your rules. That makes Me the winner. Bye!



Also blocked the following names after one sentence: Me_home150, Me_home151, Me_home152, Me_home153, Me_home154, Me_home155, Me_home156, Me_home157

Sent Me an ID card from Romania, it's probably some buddy of his or something he found, but just for googleability, the info on the card is as follows:

Name: Fanel-Laurentiu Tone Parents Name: Marioara Florea Sex: M Place of Birth: Mun. Giurgiu Jud. Giurgiu Address: Mun. Giurgiu Jud. Giurgiu, Bld. Bucuresti bl.66/1D SDC.A ap.2 Valid: 07/12/04 - 01/10/14 CNP#: 1731001520010

Friday, February 24, 2012

Muslim Religious Fetish Hate Mail

Date: Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 7:21 AM
Subject: Someone asked a question about product

Someone asked a question about Muslim Humiliation:
Customer info:
Username: WTF
Wow, you are one very stupid person to do such a clip. Don\'t you read the news? : Three of our troops have been KILLED because of such things and you sit on your comfortable ass while our men and women fight for this country, you make MORE of these clips that put our troops in further danger? Shame on you. When (not if) your clips get out, you\'re life is going to be ruined forever all for what, a fucking few dollars? Doing this to the Qu\'ran is going to bring the fury of millions upon you. Burning is one thing, but doing this is just a deliberate act of provocation. You\'ve opened the gates of hell of many angry people on you. Too bad once you do it, you cannot undo it - forever. You will forever be identified and known for this and I\'m glad it\'s you and not me. The only thing you can do to minimize the damage is to remove your clips and face from the clips immediately. Think before you act!
Thank you for using our shopping system


While I thank you for the social impact and importance you put upon my simple religious fetish clip (one of hundreds of thousands on the web), I can indeed reassure you that it's simple creation will not and has not had any permanent lasting effects on society or the muslim faith. Thanks for giving Me such credit, but it's undue. Thank you for taking the time to go to the trouble of actively seeking out my muslim fetish clip just to voice your concerns.

As part of our troops job is that of representing our country, they are expected to uphold to certain moral standpoints. Expectation that one of thousands of solo fetish producers could have the same effect as dozens of troops is extremely unrealistic. In addition to this, this was actually a custom video CREATED SPECIFICALLY BY REQUEST BY PEOPLE OF MUSLIM FAITH. Yes, really. It wasn't just some wacky thing I came up with one day to piss off people. They even bought the Quaran FOR Me.

In the long run, I've been raised to believe that there are no bad words, just ignorant people and hate, and I made this clip neither in ignorance or hate, so I have absolutely no fear of any possible retribution.

Only religious fetishists and insecure little boys are going to actively seek out My Domination clips, and you've proven that to be just the case. The fact that you've hidden behind the anonymity of the web and a fake email address is further established proof of such.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

FCC? Yeah fuckin' right.

I just got an email from some likely sad little chump slave pretending to be the FCC.

The email -
Dear Webmaster:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that our resources indicate that the website you manage is obstructive to new mandates in the FCC Privacy Policy (URL : Upon recieving this notification, the indicated website must be disabled within 30 days from February 9, 2012 to be removed from further penalty in our FCC Moderation Policy. Moderation Policy
Blogs operated on and its associated domains (; seek to provide insight into the Federal Communications Commission by highlighting agency news, initiatives, and personnel. The public should react to the topics being discussed at these outlets with respectful and civil discourse. Relevant discussion and debate are encouraged. provides a moderated blog as well as a forum for discussion topics at Comments on the blogs will be reviewed before posting and Uservoice ideas or comments that have been flagged by the public will be reviewed. Inappropriate comments will not be posted or removed and include threats; slurs; abusive or obscene language; personal attacks; promotion of commercial services or products; and spam. To protect your privacy and that of others, please do not include personal phone, email, or mailing information in the body of your comments. Comments that are not directly related to the blog post or Uservoice discussion topic will be posted on the Blog and Uservoice Off Topic Comments pages, respectively. Comments will be monitored during normal business hours and will be reviewed as speedily as possible.
If you wish to communicate with the Federal Communications Commission, see How to Contact the FCC for more information. Please note that commenting on these platforms is not a substitute for submitting a formal comment in the record of a specific Commission proceeding.
This comment policy may be amended or modified in the future.

Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy and will protect it when you visit our website. The FCC collects no personal information about you when you visit our website unless you specifically and knowingly choose to provide such information to us. If you choose to provide information to us, we use it only to fulfill your request for information or services. Visit our Privacy Policy Web Page for more information.


Information transmitted by this email is proprietary to the FCC and is intended for use only by the individual or entity to which it is addressed, and may contain information that is private, privileged, confidential or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient or it appears that this mail has been forwarded to you without proper authority, you are notified that any use or dissemination of this information in any manner is strictly prohibited. In such cases, please delete this mail from your records.

To view privacy standards of the FCC you can either select the following link or manually copy and paste the link into the address bar of a web browser:

My response:

Firstly, the FCC website is as it states in the moderation policy included in your email, however clearly this email has been sent from a email address, hence making it fake.

Secondly, the FCC has no regulation on public postings of the internet, and does not monitor or have any legal ability to request anything be removed. They even specifically say on their website " The FCC does not regulate Internet content or applications. "

Thirdly, nothing specific was listed in the email as to what was in violation, and the presence of an entire website cannot be deemed illegal, just certain parts.

Fourthly, as numerous police officers and lawyers have already gone over with Me, nothing on the website is actually illegal in any respect, and cannot even be considered libelous in a court of law.

Fifthly, a 'privacy policy' has nothing to do with a person's right to privacy in the media (of which there is none). It is solely for a person's right to keeping their information private and only sharing it with whom they choose WHILE ON THAT WEBSITE, which only applies to active surfers of The website even goes on to state specifically IN A LINK YOU PROVIDED IN YOUR EMAIL that "This page explains how we handle information about you when you visit and use our site".

You're probably just some little bitch slave on the page that wants his information down, or a bitchy sad little girl that doesn't understand a niche market, either way, I don't rightly care.

Thanks for giving Me a good laugh, and you just got schooled. No reply needed, 'tard.


Man, bitches are funny AND stupid.

Monday, January 2, 2012

FAQ: How does blackmail work?

Frequently Asked Questions: How does blackmail work?

Answer: You pay a $50 deposit up front prior to being sent the application, THEN are forwarded a very thorough online application with uploadable forms, and must complete it IN FULL or it will not submit. If no application is submitted within 48 hours, you lose the option for blackmail permanently. On the form it also includes selections for your choice of buyoffs: $25/week for 12 months, $50/week for 6 months, $85/month for 12 month, $175/month for 6 months, or $400 one time payment due within 30 days, $600 if after 30 days. If you do not pay your buyoff whatsoever for 3 months, your account will begin to accrue interest at 25% PER MONTH beginning on the 3rd month. This adds up quickly, and absolutely is non-negotiable. 25% interest on a $600 buyoff is $150 just the third month. Fourth month it'd be $937.50 due, Fifth month $1,171.87, etc.

Information will be posted until you pay your buyout (if choosing an over-time buyout, your info is removed as long as your payments are prompt and on time).
If you miss a payment or don't make your payment on time, the information is posted and you lose your over-time payoff abilities, start back from $0, and must pay the one time payment option.

If you do not pay your buyoff after SIX MONTHS, the information will be used to contact anyone and everyone on it and inform them of your list of quotes, hobbies, and photos shared.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Information IS verified and confirmed. If any information is found false, you also lose all options to worship Me in any fashion, as well as blackmail privileges, and usually verifiable information is found anyway and then posted.

QUESTION: What kind of information do I have to give you on the application?

ANSWER: I don't completely give that out because if I did you'd chicken out of ever paying, but I have one of the most thorough blackmail applications in the industry. Other than the basic information, there's also an area to upload incriminating photos, videos, ID, email screenshots, paystubs, bank or credit card statements, etc. There's also an area to list fetishes, legally sign the application digitally, input full work information, partner information, etc. THIS IS NOT FOR THE WEAK! This is REAL and TRUE thorough blackmail, and I have no fear. This is a legally binding agreement.

QUESTION: If I pay the application fee then cannot bring myself to fill out the application, what happens?

ANSWER: You can pay the $150 application buyout and never bother to fill it out (due within 7 days) and will still be able to serve Me in other capacities, or receive or fill out the application again at a later date if you decide. If you do not pay the application buyout and do not fill out the application, you will be considered a "Flaked Slave" and will lose all options to serve Me. I will also likely find out your real information anyway and post anything and everything I find permanently with no buyout option. chickens out of shows AND blackmail chickens out of shows AND blackmail. He's messaged Me multiple times, asks for shows, blackmail, etc and never ever pays. He just asks fifty questions then ditches.

ttindoo: I'm from Network! Hey!
CamGirlKitten: hi
ttindoo: hi, you there?
ttindoo: hiii
CamGirlKitten: hi
ttindoo: how are you?
CamGirlKitten: i'm good
ttindoo: can you do a show? where can i pay and see pics?
CamGirlKitten: Firstly, the website you found me on is the only place you can pay or that I can direct you to for photos and whatnot, and also has my rates and whatnot
CamGirlKitten: However I'm not offering shows on Christmas day, but will resume them tomorrow.

(Move forward to Jan 2nd at 4:45am)

ttindoo: hiii
CamGirlKitten: Hey
ttindoo: you can do blackmail...?
CamGirlKitten: yes
ttindoo: am a little new but interested can you tell me about it?
CamGirlKitten: you're welcome to pay My $50 blackmail application to be forwarded to My new interactive blackmail application through the website you originally told Me about.
CamGirlKitten: *heard about Me on
ttindoo: ehh....oki
CamGirlKitten: you can read all the details of the most commonly asked questions about blackmail here in this conversation -
ttindoo: k
CamGirlKitten: Also note that the application is extremely thorough and the information is completely checked and confirmed.
ttindoo: scary if you inform my teen stepdaughter.....
ttindoo: but you only post on the net?
CamGirlKitten: Initially. Depends on how late the payments are.
CamGirlKitten: I have collection agents all over the country that tend to persue these things, and when the information is posted online, I offer a bounty to anyone that makes you pay, so all kinds of funny things happen.
ttindoo: you will threat me to contact her?
CamGirlKitten: Yep, if you do not keep up your payments.
ttindoo: what will be posted or told to her?
CamGirlKitten: the full data of the application cannot be given out until the fee has been paid.
ttindoo: ok
CamGirlKitten: Once you receive the application, if you do not fill it out, that's your problem and your wasted money.
ttindoo: do I get anything in return from you...?
ttindoo: shows..?
CamGirlKitten: If you've kept up your payments regularly, then you're given the option to purchase shows and worship items as well
CamGirlKitten: However the blackmail fee ONLY covers the application.
ttindoo: yes
ttindoo: if we agree....can I pay you to send her something.....
ttindoo: so I get busted?
CamGirlKitten: yes.
ttindoo: can we do that now..or...?
ttindoo: she is 16...a hot teen...
CamGirlKitten: Yes, once you've paid the application and completed the information.
ttindoo: example what you can tell her? or just what I want you to tell?
CamGirlKitten: I'd be happy to discuss this further, but it will be $0.50/min for fetish chat time, as you've never purchased from Me before, and are just asking questions with no apparent intent to actually purchase tonight.
CamGirlKitten: and if you do not purchase anything tonight, you'll be posted, along with this full conversation, on My blog warning other models that you're a timewaster.