Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[14:27] shahzad_tariq: I'm from Network! Hey!
[13:20] shahzad_tariq: Hi
[16:41] shahzad_tariq: Hi
[16:41] shahzad_tariq: How are u
[16:41] CamGirlKitten: hi
[16:41] CamGirlKitten: im ok
[16:42] shahzad_tariq: Are you free
[16:42] CamGirlKitten: No but I'm available for paid shows ;)
[16:42] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[16:42] shahzad_tariq: I know nothing gets free
(remember this phrase, it'll be funny later folks)
[16:43] shahzad_tariq: :)
[16:43] shahzad_tariq: You there
[16:44] CamGirlKitten: Yep
[16:44] CamGirlKitten: So what did you have in mind today?
[16:45] shahzad_tariq: I have always you in ma mind
[16:46] shahzad_tariq: Whats your paypal
[16:46] CamGirlKitten: You contacted Me via the camwealth network and are exclusively and permanently restricted to payment through them.
[16:46] CamGirlKitten: Also, paypal is not adult friendly, nor taken by reputable adult models.
[16:47] shahzad_tariq: I can pay you personally S well
[16:47] CamGirlKitten: My answer doesn't change, and hasn't in 10 years.
[16:47] shahzad_tariq: Alright but i can put personals in it
[16:48] CamGirlKitten: Doesn't matter. Paypal is guilty-until-proven-innocent. They don't care what you put as the reason for the payment, if you're so much as even reported for adult transactions, they shut you down, keep your cash, and ask questions later.
[16:48] shahzad_tariq: Ahan
[16:49] shahzad_tariq: Can i see you 1st
[16:54] shahzad_tariq: Yu dre
[16:54] CamGirlKitten: Not on camera just on profile photos or when you submit a $5 payment for a clothed preview.
[16:54] shahzad_tariq: Wtf
[16:55] shahzad_tariq: Jst want to see 2 mins
[16:55] CamGirlKitten: Sorry dear, 2min would cost you $4.
[16:55] shahzad_tariq: If i like i will book a session
[16:55] CamGirlKitten: That's what profile photos are for my dear.
[16:55] shahzad_tariq: Send me link
[16:56] CamGirlKitten:
[16:56] shahzad_tariq: I never seen this fuck before
[16:57] shahzad_tariq: Cant see your fuckin pics on profile
[17:01] CamGirlKitten: Why, are you blind? lol
[17:02] CamGirlKitten: You were already linked to the profile of which you originally messaged Me from, there's 8 photos on profile, and you can view bigger versions simply by right clicking and 'view image'
[17:02] CamGirlKitten: or 'open image in new tab' depending on your browser
[17:03] shahzad_tariq: I did
[17:03] shahzad_tariq: But couldnt findout any thing overe there
[17:03] CamGirlKitten: K, then i'm sure you've seen plenty and are dying to get a private show. lol
[17:03] shahzad_tariq: Why you are not coming on cam
[17:03] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[17:03] CamGirlKitten: Because you haven't paid me, and I only offer paid shows or previews, champ.
[17:04] shahzad_tariq: Atleast you should give free session for 1 mins i can show off mine dick as well in free lol
[17:04] shahzad_tariq: For a min promise wont charge you a single penny lol
[17:05] CamGirlKitten: I don't cam2cam for free, you msg'd a model on a PAID SITE, and My time is valuable ($2/min+ to be precise).
[17:05] shahzad_tariq: Do you want to see
[17:05] CamGirlKitten: Yours is free, because there's plenty of idiot men with webcams willing to show off for free.
[17:05] CamGirlKitten: and I'm completely uninterested.
[17:05] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[17:05] CamGirlKitten: there's dozens of free cam sites, go peruse those, not pay girls hun.
[17:06] shahzad_tariq: Alright i am agree with you because you are daughter of prostititude and yu just fucked for money
[17:06] CamGirlKitten: and be sure to get back to me once you've given up on getting girls to follow your rude demands that they refuse to take when you're not paying. lol
[17:06] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[17:06] CamGirlKitten: Firstly, that would offend me if I valued your opinion.
[17:06] shahzad_tariq: Na its nt like dat
[17:07] CamGirlKitten: Secondly, I don't fuck anyone on camera, just private play on webcam.
[17:07] shahzad_tariq: You love get with money
[17:07] shahzad_tariq: Lol
[17:07] shahzad_tariq: Its the same thingy hun
[17:07] shahzad_tariq: Either you fucked or show a play on webcam
[17:08] CamGirlKitten: I love money anyway. Anyhow, this conversation's not only being posted on twitter and My blog, but sent to My other CamGirlsFTW girls. Good luck champ. I'm sorry your penis is so tiny that you think harassing and insulting paid camgirls will somehow get you free cam time.
[17:08] CamGirlKitten: No one gives a shit whether you get off or not, and if you're not buying the product the girls are selling, you shouldn't bother messaging them. Period. End of story.
[17:08] CamGirlKitten: Buh bye!

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