Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo Book

Start your own Shutterfly Photo Book today.
My first edition autographed numbered copy of My new photobook Succubus has been sold, however copies 2 through 10 (all numbered and autographed) is now available for sale. I'll be autographing, giving away free stickers, & numbering each copy. The book is an 8x11 hardcover coffee table book, complete with 20 color pages containing almost 50 of my very best photos.

NO FURTHER COPIES OF THIS PAST 10 WILL EVER BE MADE, and all buyers get a discount on future photobook editions!

***THE FIRST 9 PEOPLE to send their payment in get the books, all others are refunded and lose their chance!***

To place your order via paypal, gr33nd0t, credit card, payoneer and others, simply EMAIL ME with the subject "Succubus Photobook", or send a $100 amazon gift card to :)

Alternatively, you can use ITokens below:

Or simply pay with tokens on MyFreeCams by clicking here.

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