Monday, January 2, 2012

FAQ: How does blackmail work?

Frequently Asked Questions: How does blackmail work?

Answer: You pay a $50 deposit up front prior to being sent the application, THEN are forwarded a very thorough online application with uploadable forms, and must complete it IN FULL or it will not submit. If no application is submitted within 48 hours, you lose the option for blackmail permanently. On the form it also includes selections for your choice of buyoffs: $25/week for 12 months, $50/week for 6 months, $85/month for 12 month, $175/month for 6 months, or $400 one time payment due within 30 days, $600 if after 30 days. If you do not pay your buyoff whatsoever for 3 months, your account will begin to accrue interest at 25% PER MONTH beginning on the 3rd month. This adds up quickly, and absolutely is non-negotiable. 25% interest on a $600 buyoff is $150 just the third month. Fourth month it'd be $937.50 due, Fifth month $1,171.87, etc.

Information will be posted until you pay your buyout (if choosing an over-time buyout, your info is removed as long as your payments are prompt and on time).
If you miss a payment or don't make your payment on time, the information is posted and you lose your over-time payoff abilities, start back from $0, and must pay the one time payment option.

If you do not pay your buyoff after SIX MONTHS, the information will be used to contact anyone and everyone on it and inform them of your list of quotes, hobbies, and photos shared.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Information IS verified and confirmed. If any information is found false, you also lose all options to worship Me in any fashion, as well as blackmail privileges, and usually verifiable information is found anyway and then posted.

QUESTION: What kind of information do I have to give you on the application?

ANSWER: I don't completely give that out because if I did you'd chicken out of ever paying, but I have one of the most thorough blackmail applications in the industry. Other than the basic information, there's also an area to upload incriminating photos, videos, ID, email screenshots, paystubs, bank or credit card statements, etc. There's also an area to list fetishes, legally sign the application digitally, input full work information, partner information, etc. THIS IS NOT FOR THE WEAK! This is REAL and TRUE thorough blackmail, and I have no fear. This is a legally binding agreement.

QUESTION: If I pay the application fee then cannot bring myself to fill out the application, what happens?

ANSWER: You can pay the $150 application buyout and never bother to fill it out (due within 7 days) and will still be able to serve Me in other capacities, or receive or fill out the application again at a later date if you decide. If you do not pay the application buyout and do not fill out the application, you will be considered a "Flaked Slave" and will lose all options to serve Me. I will also likely find out your real information anyway and post anything and everything I find permanently with no buyout option.

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