Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Matei_vd88 - Scammer Of The Day

This miserable fuckhead has messaged Me a few times whining about wanting to send Me his government ID for blackmail, but always skips around paying and never wants to discuss that or respond to those direct questions. Eventually out of the blue one day he acts like he's paying right off the bat, and of course it's nothing but a timewasting scam. He's not even very good at this, but obviously well prepared for such. I mean come on, what normal slaveboy has 20+ screennames handy at the drop of a hat. The only google info that came up on these screennames were in regards to him trying to scam Meggerz with fake Amazon orders, so I already knew what to expect from this chump the first day he messaged Me.

5/1/12 Conversation with Matei_vd88
matei_vd88: are u there ?
CamGirlKitten: Yes.
matei_vd88: which is your amazon mail
CamGirlKitten: camgirlkitten@gmail.com
matei_vd88: after that will u destroy me ?
CamGirlKitten: Yes, once you've paid.
matei_vd88: done
CamGirlKitten: K, I'll msg. you when it arrives.
Be a good boy with your hands folded in your lap without touching yourself or anything else until I've responded.
you realize that I cannot use this and live in AMERICA, right?
matei_vd88: don't know, i sent before in us
in this way
CamGirlKitten: .co.uk certificates aren't usually transferable to US. let me try anyway.
matei_vd88: i don't have money anymore
CamGirlKitten: I just got the confirmation email. Once the code itself arrives hopefully itll allow Me to add it.
matei_vd88: do you also put infos on youtube ?
CamGirlKitten: Do as instructed until arrival then W/we'll discuss it.
matei_vd88: :(
CamGirlKitten: Once it's arrived sure.
Do not question My orders.
matei_vd88: even racial humiliation ?
CamGirlKitten: yep.
matei_vd88: but if im white
CamGirlKitten: lol then no
matei_vd88: only with black
CamGirlKitten: other races then myself, that's how racial humiliation works.
I will no longer respond until the GC has arrived. You're welcome to check your account for when it says "sent"
itll be under statuses of order.
matei_vd88: i sent you 180
CamGirlKitten: Yes, and I haven't received it yet.
matei_vd88: do you want my gov id ?
CamGirlKitten: All I got was a standard email from amazon
that just means that YOU bought a 180 gc, not that you sent it to Me.
You also could have cancelled lol
Next sentence will result in you being banned for non-compliance of Dommes orders, unless I've given you permission and the money has actively arrived.
you're already all over the web for faking this shit, kid.
I've been a domme for 10 years, and I'm not some newb moron.
matei_vd88: ?
first: im not a kid, second it's nothing fake
CamGirlKitten: that'll count as a sentence. Banned permanently. If money shows up, I'll unblock you then give you your punishment for refusal to follow orders. Bye!



[14:56] me_home135: why did you ban me ?
[14:56] me_home135: do you think it's fair from you
[14:56] me_home135: I PAID U
[14:56] CamGirlKitten: I informed you in advance of why I would ban you, and you ignored My specific instructions to keep your hands in your lap folded until the money arrived.
[14:56] me_home135: and this is your reward
[14:57] CamGirlKitten: And you haven't paid Me, check your account, it'll say unsent
[14:57] CamGirlKitten: IF you even really sent anything at all
[14:57] CamGirlKitten: an order confirmation email isn't a payment, a GIFT CODE I CAN ENTER INTO MY ACCOUNT IS.
me_home135 is trying to send you "Scan Law.JPG"
You have received Scan Law.JPG.
[14:58] me_home135: do u like me ?
[14:58] CamGirlKitten: No, not until I've received My money.
[14:58] me_home135: i hope you won't post it
[14:59] CamGirlKitten: Blocked and all provable reported, you're not eligible for buyoff as you've attempted to scam a domme. Bye faker.
[14:59] me_home135: lol
[14:59] me_home135: im not a faker
[14:59] CamGirlKitten: K, then where's My gift card?
[14:59] me_home135: I paid u..i don't know
[15:00] me_home135: :|
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: Okay, so log into your amazon acct, check under "my orders"
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: what's the status say?
[15:00] me_home135: if i would wanted to be fake, i could sent you earlier...
[15:00] me_home135: when i got your id
(((Assume he meant yahoo ID))) [15:00] me_home135: last month
[15:00] me_home135: redeemed
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: lol
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: yeah right.
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: You never sent Me anything, so there's nothing to be redeemed kid.
[15:00] CamGirlKitten: Now I know you're lying, thanks.
[15:01] CamGirlKitten: You could have at least dragged this on by pretending it hadn't been sent yet lol
[15:01] me_home135: im not pretending anything
[15:01] me_home135: ;)
[15:01] CamGirlKitten: but telling Me it's redeemed means you sent it to yourself or someone else then just sent Me the confirmation email.
[15:01] CamGirlKitten: thanks for proving you're a scammer, saves Me a lot of time champ.



[15:02] me_home149: im not even a scammer
[15:02] CamGirlKitten: then why's a card you never sent Me redeemed?
[15:02] me_home149: i don't know...
[15:02] CamGirlKitten: and why would you have this many screennames if you werent lol
[15:02] me_home149: :|
[15:02] CamGirlKitten: clearly people block you and this is how you handle it.
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: All this is irrelivant. I gave you flat out specific word for word orders and you disobeyed them.
[15:03] me_home149: no...
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: That within itself is grouds for permanent banning and termination.
[15:03] me_home149: I waited
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: And kept talking. lol
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: that means your hands were not in your lap, and you were not silent as instructed until arrival of the GC.
[15:03] me_home149: what will you do with my gov id ?
[15:03] CamGirlKitten: Delete it because its not really yours.
[15:03] me_home149: it's mine
[15:03] me_home149: :))
[15:03] me_home149: lol
[15:04] CamGirlKitten: Sure champ.
[15:04] me_home149: but better delete it
[15:04] me_home149: it seems you're not so clever
[15:04] me_home149: in some aspects
[15:04] me_home149: a domme with 10 yrs of experience...
[15:05] CamGirlKitten: How do you figure? lol
[15:05] CamGirlKitten: I've busted your little ruise and refuse to play by your rules. That makes Me the winner. Bye!



Also blocked the following names after one sentence: Me_home150, Me_home151, Me_home152, Me_home153, Me_home154, Me_home155, Me_home156, Me_home157

Sent Me an ID card from Romania, it's probably some buddy of his or something he found, but just for googleability, the info on the card is as follows:

Name: Fanel-Laurentiu Tone Parents Name: Marioara Florea Sex: M Place of Birth: Mun. Giurgiu Jud. Giurgiu Address: Mun. Giurgiu Jud. Giurgiu, Bld. Bucuresti bl.66/1D SDC.A ap.2 Valid: 07/12/04 - 01/10/14 CNP#: 1731001520010

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