Friday, February 24, 2012

Muslim Religious Fetish Hate Mail

Date: Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 7:21 AM
Subject: Someone asked a question about product

Someone asked a question about Muslim Humiliation:
Customer info:
Username: WTF
Wow, you are one very stupid person to do such a clip. Don\'t you read the news? : Three of our troops have been KILLED because of such things and you sit on your comfortable ass while our men and women fight for this country, you make MORE of these clips that put our troops in further danger? Shame on you. When (not if) your clips get out, you\'re life is going to be ruined forever all for what, a fucking few dollars? Doing this to the Qu\'ran is going to bring the fury of millions upon you. Burning is one thing, but doing this is just a deliberate act of provocation. You\'ve opened the gates of hell of many angry people on you. Too bad once you do it, you cannot undo it - forever. You will forever be identified and known for this and I\'m glad it\'s you and not me. The only thing you can do to minimize the damage is to remove your clips and face from the clips immediately. Think before you act!
Thank you for using our shopping system


While I thank you for the social impact and importance you put upon my simple religious fetish clip (one of hundreds of thousands on the web), I can indeed reassure you that it's simple creation will not and has not had any permanent lasting effects on society or the muslim faith. Thanks for giving Me such credit, but it's undue. Thank you for taking the time to go to the trouble of actively seeking out my muslim fetish clip just to voice your concerns.

As part of our troops job is that of representing our country, they are expected to uphold to certain moral standpoints. Expectation that one of thousands of solo fetish producers could have the same effect as dozens of troops is extremely unrealistic. In addition to this, this was actually a custom video CREATED SPECIFICALLY BY REQUEST BY PEOPLE OF MUSLIM FAITH. Yes, really. It wasn't just some wacky thing I came up with one day to piss off people. They even bought the Quaran FOR Me.

In the long run, I've been raised to believe that there are no bad words, just ignorant people and hate, and I made this clip neither in ignorance or hate, so I have absolutely no fear of any possible retribution.

Only religious fetishists and insecure little boys are going to actively seek out My Domination clips, and you've proven that to be just the case. The fact that you've hidden behind the anonymity of the web and a fake email address is further established proof of such.


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