Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zlatan Feric's Empty Threats

Zlatan Feric is at it again of course. He messaged Me today requesting to be removed from My blackmail page again, but still hasn't paid for the services previously rendered, and is threatening Me with lawyers again. I'm sure you can imagine how that's going to go, considering libel, by definition, is only for false information.
Need a reminder of who Zlatan Feric is? Check out his FULL BLACKMAIL LISTING, CLICK HERE.

Screennames on yahoo Zlatan Used To Contact Me Today: cashslave101, bottomsubtj, yourboytoy103

Our conversations this evening:

[23:02] bottomsubtj: hello Mistress
[23:06] CamGirlKitten: Hi
[23:06] bottomsubtj: how are you Mistress
[23:06] CamGirlKitten: I'm okay.
[23:07] bottomsubtj: just ok?
[23:08] bottomsubtj: Mistress can you look at my file and see what i have to do to remove my info from your blackmail log?
[23:08] bottomsubtj: please :)
[23:10] CamGirlKitten: Sure, name?
[23:10] bottomsubtj: Zlatan Mistress
[23:11] CamGirlKitten: lol oh lord.
[23:11] bottomsubtj: pleaseee
[23:11] CamGirlKitten: Make a sufficient payment!
[23:11] bottomsubtj: seriiously
[23:11] bottomsubtj: i beg you
[23:11] CamGirlKitten: Simple as what I just said.
[23:11] CamGirlKitten: Four digit minimum.
[23:11] CamGirlKitten: Any further 'please/i cant/whining' will result in immediate banning.
[23:11] bottomsubtj: yes Mistress
[23:12] bottomsubtj: how much is the 4 digit minimum?
[23:13] CamGirlKitten: ....four digits. lol. $1,000.
[23:13] bottomsubtj: my gf hates me
[23:13] CamGirlKitten: As well she should.
[23:13] bottomsubtj: why are you doing this??
[23:14] bottomsubtj: 1000 and my info gone?
[23:14] CamGirlKitten: Because you owe Me money and like to try to bitch out of it and make false promises?
[23:14] CamGirlKitten: Yes.
[23:14] CamGirlKitten: then I'll consider you in good standing, and you'll be applicable for regular slave sessions, shows, memberships, or nothing at all if you choose.
[23:15] bottomsubtj: i just want this to be over
[23:15] bottomsubtj: you have ruined me
[23:15] CamGirlKitten: Do you have a payment for Me tonight?
[23:15] CamGirlKitten: a good faith payment or something?
[23:15] CamGirlKitten: Otherwise this is the identical song and dance you've done before.
[23:15] bottomsubtj: yes please
[23:16] CamGirlKitten: K, how much can you muster?
[23:16] bottomsubtj: 20?
[23:16] CamGirlKitten: lol
[23:16] CamGirlKitten: no.
[23:16] CamGirlKitten: $20 isn't a good faith payment to a Domme.
[23:16] CamGirlKitten: It's a joke.
[23:16] bottomsubtj: sorry i'm broke
[23:16] bottomsubtj: hmmm
[23:17] CamGirlKitten: Don't approach dommes about buyoffs broke. Bye!


[23:57] cashslave101: hi
[23:19] cashslave101: hello
[23:19] CamGirlKitten: hi
[23:19] cashslave101: 1000 Mistress to you
[23:19] cashslave101: please
[23:19] cashslave101: Zlatan
[23:19] CamGirlKitten: Sure, send it then!
[23:20] cashslave101: where to?
[23:20] CamGirlKitten: prefer payoneer, alertpay, amazon gc, greendot?
[23:20] CamGirlKitten: also can take credit cards through a few sites or directly with my iphone app.
[23:21] cashslave101: well i'll have to talk with my lawyer first of course. you're going down my girl :)
[23:21] CamGirlKitten: If you say so champ.
[23:21] CamGirlKitten: Good luck!
[23:21] cashslave101: hah
[23:21] CamGirlKitten: The last three people needed it and failed. lol


(hahahahha, the chump will pay his lawyer more than it'd take to pay off his collections account, not to mention the lawyer's gonna tell him there's nothing that can be done about provable factual information, much less information the person freely posted online)


[23:23] yourboytoy103: hi Goddess
[23:23] CamGirlKitten: What now, chump?
[23:24] yourboytoy103: you have no idea what you're doing

((Funny that. Seems quite the opposite to Me!))

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