Friday, August 31, 2012

Tim Nanox - blackmail bitchout!

Another blackmail bitchout!

This user contacted Me solely for blackmail, then once he paid the deposit and saw how thorough and ruining My application was, he decided he was 'uninterested' in it, and wanted other services! As if I'd waste My time with someone incapable of following through with what THEY buy!

Name: Tim Nanox
Email 1:
Email 2:
Claimed Address: Haral wachter (City-U), Webermuehle 33, 5432 neuenhof, switzerland

I'd skiptrace him, but he's not worth the trouble.

Full Conversation:

10:38:22 AM - x.flex:    hello mistress
x.flex:    i would like to apply for blackmail slave position mistress
CamGirlKitten:    Ok. there's a full FAQ about that here:
x.flex:    very motivating mistress, how do i buy the application?
CamGirlKitten:    Credit card, payoneer, amazon gc
or if you're within the US Greendot
(( Payment Information ))
x.flex:    i am located in switzerland that ok..'
CamGirlKitten:    that's fine.
x.flex:    now working on paying..will get back to u..
CamGirlKitten:    kk
x.flex:    sent mistress
CamGirlKitten:    kk, checking
Received, however there's no address attached. This a new account?
x.flex:    shipping address Haral wachter (City-U), Webermuehle 33, 5432 neuenhof, switzerland
CamGirlKitten:    ((Application Link)) is your application. Bookmark it in case you need to return to it after gathering information.
The form will not submit if you do not input the proper information in the forms with red asterisks.
x.flex:    k
CamGirlKitten:    If there is no asterisk next to the info, it's not required, but should be filled out if it's applicable to you.
x.flex:    k
how can i get relieved from the contract mistress
CamGirlKitten:    that was covered in the FAQ.
On the application, you select a payout amount that works for you from a selection of options
alternatively, if you decide you're too scared to fill it out, you pay a $150 buyout and we're considered even.
and you're applicable to fill it out at a later date for another application fee anytime you decide you're brave enough.
x.flex:    how will you find ot my real info mistress if i dont pay buy out
CamGirlKitten:    I have My ways.
besides, it's just you wasting your own money, since you're the one that payed for it. lol
x.flex:    i will fill it at a later date mistress
CamGirlKitten:    That's fine. I prefer 48 hours, but allow up to 7 days so that you can gather all the relevant data, files, etc.
x.flex:    are u available in niteflirt mistreaa
CamGirlKitten:    i will be in about an hour, after lunch.
x.flex:    apart from blackmail, can i apply for a online loan to you mistress? like paying back in installments? legally binding? through online banking or something like that
CamGirlKitten:    Not sure what you mean.
you're welcome to enter into a financial domination agreement, which would involve you making regular payments at set amounts on certain dates
x.flex:    imean like a promissary note or debt contract..
CamGirlKitten:    yes, that's my financial domination agreement
however until you've completed your current agreement, you're not applicable for any others.
x.flex:    niteflrt
CamGirlKitten:    bout 15min left til I'm avail on NF
x.flex:    flirt ID
CamGirlKitten:    I just don't feel like doing it yet. Maybe once you've completed your application I'll change My mind.
x.flex:    im not interested in application
CamGirlKitten:    Then you're going to have to pay the cancellation fee of $150, or you'll never have the opportunity to serve Me in any fashion ever again, and your information will be permanently listed for having purchased this agreement and not gone through with it.
x.flex:    i will find another mistress
CamGirlKitten:    Not likely. lol
No other mistress is going to waste their time with someone that only bothers to pay application fees and is incapable of following basic orders they requested to have to follow.
3:15:48 PM - x.flex:    thats ok

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