Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Obsessedlilchild is back as always, begging. He makes all these plans, then never does pay up. Better yet, he'll claim he didn't get some of your messages, and mouth off if you don't IMMEDIATELY respond to EVERYTHING *HE* wants you to do. Right. I'm the domme here, kid. You've plagued Me for years, and never SERIOUSLY tributed. You've tried to buy socks, custom vids, memberships, camshows, etc.

Today it was a 10min custom video of me insulting him and his exgirlfriend, and talking about how she's my favorite fuckslut or whatever. He started making deals for Greendot, then when I requested that he email me all relevant information needed, he blew Me off and got rude. Clearly he just wanted to wack off while we talked all about it, but I don't have time for that kind of bullshit.

New screenname he's using is ObsessedLilDevilChild - real creative right? Like I won't remember ObsessedLilChild and all it's useages all over My sites, the internet, my wanker list, my email... Fuckin' loser!

Today's convo:
Session Start (PersephoneVixen:obsessedlildevilchild): Wed Sep 14 05:38:08 2011 -0700
obsessedlildevilchild: Hello Cam Goddess
CamGirlKitten: hi
obsessedlildevilchild: i am looking for a specific custom vid
CamGirlKitten: Ok, what would that be?
obsessedlildevilchild: Just a short vid with You telling me how You own me and my ex gf
obsessedlildevilchild: and how You want to fuck up my life
CamGirlKitten: Easy enough. General Domme vid. Check. How long?
obsessedlildevilchild: And how You fuck her and how she is Your fav girl
obsessedlildevilchild: mayve 10 min?
obsessedlildevilchild: 5-10 min?
CamGirlKitten: Sounds good.
CamGirlKitten: What's your offer for this financially?
obsessedlildevilchild: i can get You a $25 amazon gift card
obsessedlildevilchild: i cannot view Your site right now, i am at work
obsessedlildevilchild: i viewed it last night however and You are amazing
CamGirlKitten: I'm only accepting actual money, not gift money for customs
CamGirlKitten: gift money is only taken as a tribute, thank you, or birthday present, since one is due here in less than 2 weeks ;)
obsessedlildevilchild: oh happy early bday
CamGirlKitten: ty
obsessedlildevilchild: yw
CamGirlKitten: So, your cash options are alertpay, payoneer, niteflirt, greendot, credit card.
CamGirlKitten: I can even manually run your credit card myself via SquareUp if you'd like a method that doesn't involve you accessing any other websites.
obsessedlildevilchild: Greendot will work
CamGirlKitten: I also have some sneakers you'd probably go nuts over, by the way. They've about had it, so I think i'm gonna sell them soon. They're my favs, wear them daily but they smell to high heaven
obsessedlildevilchild: oh, how much
CamGirlKitten: $50 so I can get some new ones.
obsessedlildevilchild: what kind are they?
CamGirlKitten: but seriously, you need to like heavy heavy scent. lol
CamGirlKitten: I started even wearing these without socks and the funk is so strong they turn my feet part black. lol
CamGirlKitten: They're black pink and white running sneakers
obsessedlildevilchild: lol
obsessedlildevilchild: no where to receive them atm though
CamGirlKitten: well you can buy them and ill hold on to them and keep wearing them if you'd like
CamGirlKitten: Until whenever you'd like to have me mail them to you. All you'll end up with out of it is knowing you helped pay for my birfday hotel, and that im getting them even riper for you
obsessedlildevilchild: i will keep that in mind
CamGirlKitten: and a guarantee that i wont' wash em
CamGirlKitten: cuz if someone doesn't buy em soon, i prolly will have to lol
obsessedlildevilchild: foir now though, im living w/a friend and only have cash
CamGirlKitten: you can just toss it in with the other greendot.
CamGirlKitten: and get one for $75
obsessedlildevilchild: Will think about it Miss
obsessedlildevilchild: Right now i have about 2,000 in cash to my name
CamGirlKitten: Oh lord. You're on ignore. You always pull this shit. "Oh, ill think about the purchases I just CONTACTED you to make, but ill never bother to get back to you". whatever dude.
CamGirlKitten: Bye!
obsessedlildevilchild: what? no
obsessedlildevilchild: iwreally want the custom
CamGirlKitten: Then pay for it, geez.
obsessedlildevilchild: and i will
obsessedlildevilchild: i said id get You the greendot
obsessedlildevilchild: Just got really interested in the shoes, tried to be nice
obsessedlildevilchild: *not really interested
CamGirlKitten: haha. Well let me know when you have the greendot for the custom.
obsessedlildevilchild: i will have it this afternoon around 6 pm est
CamGirlKitten: k
CamGirlKitten: i probably won't be awake until around 9 or 10 EST cuz i'm on west coast now, but if you msg it here, or email it to me at i'll credit it and get your custom done then.
obsessedlildevilchild: May i ask what You will wear?
obsessedlildevilchild: And do You need any specific info
CamGirlKitten: i can wing it overall usually
obsessedlildevilchild: i was jsut wanting it to be very personal and intense
obsessedlildevilchild: speific and hanutning
obsessedlildevilchild: haunting
CamGirlKitten: Of course
obsessedlildevilchild: Do You need to know any info then about me and her?
CamGirlKitten: You're welcome to tell me full information, details, everything you can think of that might be useful via email to when you get the greendot card
obsessedlildevilchild: Nevermind, i guess You are interested. Goodbye
obsessedlildevilchild: *not interested
CamGirlKitten: ...why, because I requested you EMAIL me the info so I won't lose it? lol
CamGirlKitten: some slave, you're not even capable of taking basic orders.
obsessedlildevilchild: i did not get that message
CamGirlKitten: and as soon as there's a delay in response, then you automatically mouth off to the Domme you're asking to serve? Right.
CamGirlKitten: Totally an appropriate response, fuckhead.
CamGirlKitten: ((Quoted earlier messages))
obsessedlildevilchild: Bye
CamGirlKitten: Right. Back up on My page you go!
CamGirlKitten: with an updated screenname no less. lol!
CamGirlKitten: BLOCK!

As always, here's some basic information worth repeating in regards to this mooching fuckhead:

Name: Seth Gaines
Previous Address: 148 Cantrell Ridge Dr., Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Age: 25
Location: North Carolina
Weight: 200lbs. (Fatter, actually!)
Height: 6'1"

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