Monday, December 12, 2011

LeeJones9925 - blackmail slave wanna-be

leejones9925: can i have ur new blackmail application
CamGirlKitten: It requires a $50 tribute.
CamGirlKitten: credit card, alertpay, payoneer, niteflirt & greendot are your payment options.
leejones9925: oh i ok i might be intrested...what does it cost u there after
CamGirlKitten: cheapest buyout option is $400
leejones9925: do u do weekly payments
CamGirlKitten: On the app you get to select your choice of weekly, monthly or one time payment.
leejones9925: so do u go on ur blackmail page if u miss payments
CamGirlKitten: Yep.
leejones9925: ok my name is lee jones..i work at cadburys birmingham..ive ceated with my wife sarah several times...once with her mate kate...if it goes up i will pay ur demand...if u dont trust me dont put it up lol
CamGirlKitten: Don't bother, again, pay the $50 and fill out the app
leejones9925: sorry just drink wouldnt want it really up there
leejones9925: but be a bit scarey just on off cnace somebody spotted it
CamGirlKitten: Right. Well msg. me once you pay.
CamGirlKitten: because you've hit your limit for questions.
leejones9925: ok sorry no offence..forget all i said above though the drink..ty 4 talking..i propelry do this
CamGirlKitten: if you're not tributing at all, the conversation will go unedited on my blog entitled "Scammers and wankers".
CamGirlKitten: Bye.
leejones9925: what that cost 2 get off id it does
CamGirlKitten: blogs are never deleted.
leejones9925: y
CamGirlKitten: They're just not.
CamGirlKitten: I don't take buyoffs for anything but concentual form-filled blackmail
CamGirlKitten: and as you've opted out of that, you'll simply be added to the blog as a warning for other girls not to bother listening to your whining.
CamGirlKitten: bye.
leejones9925: dont give up ust yet on me..i might suprise u very soom
CamGirlKitten: there is no 'soon', chap. You didn't tribute, and the conversation is over and posted. Bye.

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