Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rick_aranda2000 aka josecuervo840

Spent the months of February & March buttering Me up on Rude, dropping multiple tips in return for mini shows, bought some videos, tipped to help out, etc. Today I wake up and he's done a chargeback, completely demolishing what little I make there, and evidently did it across the board to everyone on the site (So must have been using a stolen card). I personally lost $150 and seem to be the hardest hit, but I've heard mention of others as well. His name on Rude was josecuervo840 , however he shared his yahoo with Me so he could send Me stupid smiley faces and tell me when he was ejaculating (as if I'd ever give the least bit of a shit). Yahoo is Rick_aranda2000 - Consider him armed with stolen cards and dangerous to your wallet, girls. Don't listen to a thing he has to say, he has no soul.

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