Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bobby rebelredneck524 Amazon Scammer Attempt

This guy thinks I was born yesterday. It really saddens me that some of you gullible camgirls actually fall for this kind of bullshit. He asks every single camgirl he can track down (MFC, twitter and skype mainly) for a one hour cam show in return for whatever expensive gifts he finds on your fanciest of amazon wishlists. Of course you have to do the show RIGHT THEN as soon as he sends you what he claims should be proof enough - a receipt. Awww, isn't that cute. He thinks that shit'll work on Me.

The Real Bobby, folks.

[03:22] rebelredneck524: hi
[03:22] rebelredneck524: got a ? about ur wishlist on mfc
[03:23] CamGirlKitten: kk
[03:24] rebelredneck524: if i bought u the camcorder and 4 other expensive things
[03:24] rebelredneck524: what would i get?
[03:24] rebelredneck524: id do the ipad and camcorder and camera and 2 other things
[03:25] CamGirlKitten: Typically for electronics that are used actively for filming, you get a lifetime membership to so you have access to every video i've ever done, plus all the ones I do in the future.
[03:26] rebelredneck524: if i buy 4 things now will u do a hour show?
[03:26] CamGirlKitten: Sure, if you gift card the full balance of whatever you're going to buy. I've been doing this a dozen years and know all the tricks already. lol
[03:26] rebelredneck524: o i can't buy it?
[03:27] rebelredneck524: cause u should know anything over 100 bucks takes 4-6 hours to process
[03:27] CamGirlKitten: you can of course, but only if you want to wait for your show until they arrive.
[03:27] rebelredneck524: ill buy the gift card for 2,000 but if i do that id want the show after i buy it id even send u the recipt i get after
[03:28] CamGirlKitten: all orders are extremely easy to cancel, so there's literally a 0% chance of that. Sorry buddy.
[03:28] rebelredneck524: i do this cause i have hiv
[03:28] rebelredneck524: sorry just being honest
[03:28] CamGirlKitten: Anyone can put in fake credit card information and place a high ticket order then send a receipt.
[03:28] CamGirlKitten: I can do that now if you'd like and put the name as Santa Claus.
[03:28] rebelredneck524: im not like that
[03:28] CamGirlKitten: Doesn't matter. Don't know you.
[03:29] rebelredneck524: i can give u another models name on mfc u can ask her she got a 2,000 one last night
[03:29] CamGirlKitten: Anyway, if you decide you'd like to, you'll have to wait either way. No referrals, no word of mouth, no stupid promises. Just give it up buddy, you're barkin' upu the wrong tree. Go try it on a newb.
[03:30] CamGirlKitten: no cleared funds, no show, no exception. Don't feel bad, I don't even do IOU's or deals for customers i've had 10 years.

A few notes about Bobby after doing some research:

Real name: Robert
Location: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 25425(Well that explains the stupidity, ehh?)
Age: 27
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Height: 5ft8
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Body: Fat

Using a fake photo on a different website though, called cpixel.

AIM: RedneckRebel524
Yahoo: RebelRedneck524, redneckcowboy524 (not very creative, is he?)
Skype: redneckcowboy524
Twitter: Bobby5241985


  1. Haha..dudes still at it,fortunately i googled him and came across this!!

    1. I'd say fuck that guy, but don't- he's got aids. He'll be going to hell either way. Tell your friends! :P