Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seth the Sad Sadomasochist

Seth_7984 harasses me every so often (about every 6 months) and rambles all the shit he wants to hear you help him plan while he procrastinates on not paying you. He's familiar enough with this game to interject plans, decent numbers, specific timed bookings, & fetish questions in between steps of payment. Some days he'll skip all this and just go straight towards the delusional ramblings of an overly insecure horny little boy crying for attention by suggesting completely ludicrously illegal and morally boundary-pushing suggestions just to try to make his weeny wiggle. At no point will he ever have any concern over the value of your time. This is another one of those pathetic meatwads that clearly feel that online Dominatrixes are nothing but personal free amusement, and an easy source of micro-dick throb encouragement.

If you've found this post, it's because you were actually intelligent to see enough of his bullshit game to google him, and trust my 12 years of experience enough to know this guy's game by now.

You're welcome to leave further materials in the comments, but here's a few key lines from some conversations, as they've been vast...

"[17:06] seth_7984: i know a girl who just turned 18 and wants to be a cam girl
[17:07] seth_7984: what do u think of blackmailing?
[17:07] CamGirlKitten: What do those two things have to do with each other?
[17:08] seth_7984: she asked my help cause i know alot about internet porn and sex services and i thought about getting her in some compromising sex videos that are illegal and then blackmailing her with the vids

"[16:44] seth_7984: Still into dominating?
[16:45] seth_7984: :p
[16:46] CamGirlKitten: - What do you think.
[16:47] seth_7984: No I mean hardcore extreme gay sex domination?
[16:48] CamGirlKitten: You always bring Me the most retarded questions. From hereonout, questions are $5 each. Goodbye.
[16:48] seth_7984: If you watch and give orders on Skype for 30mins ill pay $200 via PayPal
[16:49] seth_7984: 11pm tonight Skype date
[16:50] seth_7984: If you say yes ill make arrangements for 2 black guys I know to be here for 11pm and you'll have total control
[16:50] CamGirlKitten: Shmucks and newbs like you can't be trusted with paypal. You're welcome to dig up some money and pre-book through clips4sale tribute, amazon gc, hipsandcurves gift egiftcard, or through a major videochat site like myfreecams, and unless you're prepared to book that now, I don't wait around for people to show.
[16:51] seth_7984: I can do an amazon gc
[16:51] seth_7984: You game?

Then spends 16:51-17:23 rambling about everything HE wants to plan that you should 'make' him do with large black gentlemen he wants to pay to come over, and interjecting payment related stalling questions over and over at regular intervals (does it matter if it's or .com?, [AgreedPrice] for the half hour?, Email again?, says it's processing!, etc).

A little simple googlefu produces evidence of him ripping off escorts, slathering his sick fantasies on others on a beastiality forum stories board, and to top it all off, a lovely photo of his bleeding filthy asshole. I've spared your eyes by not including it here. Save yourself some trouble, and dump this fuckwad right in the ignore bin before he even gets past hi.

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