Thursday, December 19, 2013

Desire82 on MyGirlFund is yet another pathetic chump that's only in it for him. He sends single dollar tributes repeatedly while livechatting about heavy things like blackmail and full weekly servitude, then tries to get you to contact him offsite. All he's really looking for is dirty talk while he jacks his dick, and the second he's done, he drops everything. If confronted even politely about this, blocks you so any reviews he's left are removed. Quite the little scammer. Had he just been direct and up front about simply wanting to dirty chat about potentially serious Domination-based obligations, his contributions would have been sufficient for this, however given the selfish, purposefully bullshit-infused methods of going about getting this, his removal is now ******************************. Originally he was confronted with a $150 Failure To Pay Cumtax Fee, but as he'd not officially paid his first month's servitude fees, I offered him a break for a measly $13 to round off My account, and that's when he found it to be the best option to block Me and remove My only current review.
Ugh. What a weenie.
Real Name: **********
Age: 31
Email Location: Germany
Claimed Location: San Diego, California
Actual Location: Hungary
Job: **********************************************************************
Face Photo Claimed As Self:

Potential Old Real Face Photo Discovered: ******************************
Confirmed Real Face Photo: **************************************************
Shrimp Dick Photo:

Skype Name: Desire82de
Facebook: **************************************************
LinkedIn: *******************************
_____________________________ Update: Someone's decided to be a good little piggy again, but only partially. He managed to piss Me off enough by the end of the second dealing that I decided to post at least his contact information back here for the sake of googleability, so other Dommes having issues with him can discover his habits. I'm tired of being threatened by this chump every time he doesn't get his way. All he wants are free orgasms. Additionally, if he does bother to pay you anything at all, he absolutely demands an orgasm out of it, as if it's somehow your responsibility.

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