Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vacation Sponsorship Suggestions

My greatest love by far will NEVER be you, or any other person- It's travel and adventure! You are just a pathetic little tool to get Me as many luxuries as possible. Click any of the options below to make an extravagant vacation happen to spoil My harem & I. Maybe if you're an especially good boy, We'll let you come with, and use you for embarrassing videos.

AirB&B- Great housing option with a personal design touch that hotels just don't have. Fantastic for luxury hot water options such as jacuzzi tubs and heated pools.

GiftRocket - Best for expenses that don't take gift cards. Frequently spent on luxury spa trips, fancy dinners, trips to Vegas, and My favorite Portland boutique hotel.

Southwest Airlines- My preferred airline due to their baggage policies. I've always got a ton of heavy bags because of fetish gear, equipment and lighting.

Princess Cruises - The most likely trip I'd take you on, you pathetic fool. You, me, anonymous international waters. Are you brave enough? This is also the best choice if you're into cuckolding- it's easier for Me to trap you in close spaces with My sexy studs.

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