Sunday, February 22, 2015

"BigBadMike" clearly makes poor personal choices.

BigBadMike on a fetish website clearly makes poor personal choices.

He sent Me this today after having never spoken to Me before. At no point does it even actually really address Me or require My input in any fashion, he just felt like assaulting random strangers with his oversexualized stories of his ongoing terrible life choices, racial insecurity, and incestuous relationships, and thought because it was a fetish website, I'd somehow want to hear about it.

BEING KINKY DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY OBLIGATE ME TO ATTEND TO YOUR SEXUALITY. You are still a fucking stranger. If you are not PAYING ME to attend to your sexuality, I WANT NO PART IN IT!

"Hi, I'm Michael; I'm an experienced dominant white male. My deviance all started when my adopted black sister was a teenager - she and I just loved to masturbate together. She just adores watching her big brother stroking his 10" cock while she used her best toy on her twat. Since then, she learned that she get the ultimate orgasms when she's being treated like a slutty nigger slave. The last time we did it, we were looking at your nice pics, especially the ones where you show shamelessly that beautiful cum filled face of yours; hope you don't mind. I must tell you that I shot this fantasticly huge load of cum in my sister's face as she was coming hard. She was really happy to receive all that cum and it was partly because of you. Thanks."

It's worth noting that the photos he's probably referring to, which show 'cum' aren't even cum, they're cum lube from an ejaculating toy, he's just too obliviously wrapped up in his self-centered vainglorious obsessiveness to notice that the toy is extremely unrealistic.

'BigBadMike' is a 59 year old male 'dom' from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and his sister Soumise-K' is 38 and lives in Perce, Quebec, Canada.

Trust Me, this is the least disgusting identifying photo I could find to show you guys. Yuck on every level.

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