Friday, February 13, 2015

Joshua Beilin loves to eat cum & harass dommes broke

ohmygosh.itsjosh is in a world of trouble with Me.
He came to Me asking stupid questions about My exroommate and fellow infamous dominatrix LolaBohemia, and now owes Me money too, because I found out he's just been messaging Me every time he's broke, and when he does have money, giving it to other dommes, then going back to Me and telling Me how broke he is and still whining until he sets up blackmail then bailing. He mislead Me to believe that he had money 2/12/15,
even going so far as to send Me his webcam with a bag over his head and his fat rolls are now burned into my retinas.
After two hours of jumping through technical hoops to appease him, his big tribute to Me for our session?
$10. Seriously. Ten US DOLLARS. This fuck isn't new to the game, he just thinks there's no real world consiquenses to his actions.
He's such a selfish little shit.

CURRENT BALANCE DUE ON ACCOUNT: $550 (Services Rendered plus Removal)
CURRENT BALANCE DUE AS OF 3/13/15: $1,050 (Services Rendered plus Post-30-Day Removal)

Want to see all his filthy details? has his listing at the top now!

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