Monday, November 10, 2014


503-330-5599 - This phone number was shared with me in early October, but I hadn't seen the message until now. This number belongs to a sleazy guy, probably named Nelson Nolan who (according to the facebook community page he made) was the victim of attempted murder in 2003, and is using that to try to get pity money out of people on FB as of September 2014. Why sleazy you ask? Because this guy has been going around every website he can find (personals sites, professional camsites) by admitting to being married and hoping he can convince women (especially camgirls) to come over while his wife isn't home because he's dissatisfied with their sex life. Mr. Nolan of Hillsboro, OR (severance7 on yahoo) clearly has issues dealing with his own problems in effective and positive ways, and may need a therapist more than a girlfriend.

I do hope this isn't a phone number his wife knows, because simply googling it resulted in finding two online personals site instances of begging for 'discreet' local pussy AND his recent facebook community creation to attempt to solicit money for dental work resulting from his 11 year old victimization. Hell, given that he's shared his yahoo email, his home address, his real name, a photo of himself, and his birthday on this facebook community page he made, she could google any of this and find this out. I just felt the need to assemble the pieces in a summary here in case she does.

Why do I care? Whether a man cheats on someone else, while morally bothersome, isn't my concern, but interfering with the professional workplace of camgirls is, and I can guarantee i'm not the only one he attempted this with. It appeared to be a general cut-and-paste he sent everyone he could find in Oregon. He attempted to solicit pussy out of me on ImLive, a site with very strict standards including absolutely no sharing of personal information of any kind, especially contact information. Sharing this information could put my account and earnings at risk, aside from simply being a pathetic attempt to deal with expensive therapy costs in a free and lazy manner.

Want a girlfriend on the side buddy? Go earn one yourself, don't just try to hunt down professional models. ...and good luck with the impending divorce when your wife finds out about the thousands of people you've spammed details of your terrible sex life to.

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